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How to restrict access and to connect to a single SQL Azure database only

As of today, many organizations use various Microsoft Azure services. SQL Azure databases are popular among them. Often, IT Administrators want to allow departments or vendors full access to just one specific SQL Azure database and to restrict their access to other resources. See here how this works.

Import and export data to an Azure SQL Database

BCP, the bulk copy program utility is still around - and it’s helpful! It’s a long time, since I used this tool, but nowadays it got promoted for one of my daily jobs. See a short description how to use the Microsoft Command Line Utilities with Azure SQL Database for connecting and importing and exporting data quickly.

Add your local IP address to a SQL Azure Firewall easily

When working with SQL Azure you are aware that a connection is just established, if the client’s IP address is configured in the firewall of the SQL Azure database server. You needed to open the Azure Portal-SQL servers service, and add your IP address manually. Well, the good story is, now the SQL Server 2016 Management Studio does this for you!

Always Encrypted in Azure SQL Databases

In vielen Lösungen mit Microsoft-Technologien steckt SQL Server drin. Um Daten in der Cloud-Umgebung im SQL Server abzusichern, bietet Microsoft nun das Feature Always Encrypted in Azure SQL Databases” an. Always Encrypted hilft somit, Daten bereits auf der Client-Seite automatisiert zu verschlüsseln und zu schützen. Mehr dazu hier!